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Net Flows of 5 ETF Sponsors Exceed Those of Nearly 700 Active Mutual Fund Sponsors Combined
May 2014

This report provides a ten page executive summary of the dramatic shift in mutual fund and ETF net flows between 2009 and 2012 and discusses the complex picture of the dynamics between the two. It compares the unique characteristics of ETF and mutual fund investors and examines critical factors that will accelerate the flows into ETFs and potentially paralyze a mutual fund industry that is doing little to respond to the threat. 

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iPhones and iShares; Parallels of Success

Both Apple and iShares ETFs came from virtual obscurity, challenged the norms and transformed their respective industries in the process.  This nineteen page brief utilizes Apple's philosophies of success highlighted in Walter Isaacson's biography of Steve Jobs as a template for a comparison with the iShares Exchange Traded Funds success. It highlights eight key philosophies shared by both organizations and explains each with specific illustrations. 

Readers' familiarity with Apple will help them to more easily relate to the elements of success outlined. The examples add texture to the concepts and help readers recognize these attributes or the lack thereof in their own organizations. They will see that these elements are also easily identified in other successes such as Walmart and Starbucks.

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ETF Success Explored:The Key Components Driving ETF Sales
January 2012

This thirteen page report provides an executive summary of the powerful forces propelling the ETF juggernaut. It takes a “franchise” view to gain a sense of how ETF sponsors compare to one another and strives to identify and explain more specifically the key elements of the marketing mix that make one firm more successful than the next. It challenges commonly held views, introduces the Success Ratio and provides any asset manager a better sense of the very real and powerful forces driving the ETF industry. Readers are sure to be surprised with several of the rankings including those of Schwab and State Street Global Advisors.

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