ETF’s Threat to the Mutual Fund Industry
The presentation is designed for mutual fund board members and senior fund executives. It provides a comprehensive, unbiased overview of the exchange traded funds industry, highlights key threats that ETFs pose to mutual fund companies and puts them into context. The presentation offers board members and executives a perspective they are unlikely to receive in the normal course of business. 

Customized ETF Threat Analysis
The Customized ETF Threat Analysis is created based on key inputs provided by the client. It compares the company’s product line to key ETF offerings, analyzing asset growth, product performance, fund positioning, sales efficiency, channel applications and user profiles. It identifies an ETF value gap or surplus that will help expose specific vulnerabilities, as well as, potential opportunities.

ETF Threat Response
The ETF Threat Response is a firm specific strategic plan developed in conjunction with the client to identify the actions required by investment management, sales and marketing to close an ETF value gap or capitalizing on an ETF value surplus.

ETF Business Opportunity Analysis/Plan
The ETF Business Opportunity Analysis evaluates a client’s ETF concept estimates potential opportunity, identifies key competition and business risk, outlines an organizational structure and estimates the resources required to build the business. Once concept is determined to be viable a detailed plan is developed with specific goals, action steps and timelines.

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