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ETF Sponsors have raised nearly $2 trillion in assets with a tiny fraction of the fund industry’s sales resources.

Sales Strategy & Management

Sales Strategy

A relatively small number of ETF sales professionals with unconventional sales strategies have out-produced armies of mutual fund and separate account sales teams. This ETF sales efficiency will pressure asset management firms to revisit their sales strategies, evaluate their own sales efficiencies and allocate high cost sales resources much more effectively than in the past.

Sales, national accounts and sales management experience with a variety of; fund companies , sales strategies, sales processes and marketing mixes gives T Hayes Consulting substantive knowledge of conventional industry sales strategies, the key components of the most successful ETF sales strategies and the contrasts between the two.

​Sales Management

Experience with the development, management and implementation of numerous successful and failed sales strategies, plans and campaigns in a variety of roles provides clients insights into the strategic, tactical and operational challenges and opportunities for both traditional sales practices and the new ETF sales practices.

It provides a deep understanding and appreciation for;
  • The challenges of developing and implementing effective sales compensation plans.
  • The challenges of developing practical metrics that accurately quantify the sales team’s contribution to asset growth.
  • The challenges of creating, managing and replicating an effective sales process.
  • The importance of an integrated sales/marketing/PR plan.
  • The increasingly critical role of technology and information management in the sales process.

The sales practices employed by the leading ETF sponsors, by necessity, challenged convention. Their success tests several of the industry’s sales axioms and provides valuable lessons for asset management firms. T Hayes Consulting can help clients decipher the ETF sales success code.

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