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DOL Conflict of Interest Final Ruling: Radically Changing the Mutual Fund Ecosystem - This brief report highlights key elements of the ruling, explores critical flaws in the DOL's argument and provides a short list of the most profound impacts.
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Critical Considerations for Launching an ETF The report summarizes many of the key points discussed during the “Step-by-Step Timeline for Launching an ETF" panel at the January 2016 Inside ETF.com conference in Florida.
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Pimco and F Squared Problems Underscore Key Benefits of UMA- The report discusses key benefits of Unified Managed Accounts during the time of the crisis and beyond including improved decision making, stronger client relationships and more efficient practice management. 
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Will SEC Pimco ETF Probe Expand?- This report comments on the questions raised by the SEC's investigation of Pimco's ETF pricing and the potential impact on the ETF industry at large.
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Notes are short reports published on a periodic basis that discuss important topics related to ETF sales and distribution.