T Hayes Consulting’s marketing capabilities are built on years of working with a wide variety of marketing strategies, campaigns, event sponsorships, roadshows, advertising campaigns and public relations strategies.

Experience developing marketing tools gives us respect for the multitude of challenges faced by marketing organizations. Using marketing materials and observing client responses at the points of sale provides insight into what is effective. 

Well crafted and well managed marketing and public relations messaging can be the organizations’ and sales teams’ most powerful tool. Ironically, sales and marketing groups are often out of sync with one another. We have worked with strong and weak sales/marketing partnerships and know the consequences of both. 

We have witnessed exceptional tactical marketing that crippled long-term asset growth and have participated in the brilliant strategic marketing that built the iconic iShares brand from nothing.

T Hayes Consulting has integrated new marketing technologies into sales programs, has seen the tremendous leverage they can provide and understands their growing importance, as well as, how they can blur the lines between sales and marketing.

We can provide clients with fresh, unbiased perspective and help them identify gaps between their marketing strategies and some of the most effective industry practices.
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The Edge Is Experience

Sales and marketing organizations are often out of sync with one another limiting the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.