Maturing markets, growing scale differentials and incredible ETF efficiencies in asset management, operations, sales and marketing will place enorrmous pressure on industry margins and force asset management firms to sharpen their value propositions.
Business Strategy

Thirty years of financial services sales/management experience with a variety of firms provides T Hayes Consulting a unique perspective on the asset management business and enables intelligent insights regarding the strengths and weaknesses for a wide variety of business strategies with firms at various stages of their life cycles. 

  • Established firmtransitioning success– Experienced the smooth transformation of a firm distributing unit investment trusts through independent and regional broker dealers to a major mutual fund sponsor distributing through multiple channels including national full service broker dealers. 
  • Established firm- transitioning chaos – Experienced the tumultuous attempts of a legendary industry brand to diversify and grow their asset management business.
  • Young firmaggressive tactical growth – Experienced the rapid rise, the precipitous fall and eventual sale of a dynamic global money management firm focused on selling aggressive international funds.
  • Start-up unitstrategic growth- Experienced the birth, explosive growth and disruptive force of the industry’s leading ETF sponsor.

The key elements of successful asset management business strategies have changed significantly over the years. Today, a maturing market place, growing scale differentials, demographics and exchange traded funds are on a collision course with many asset management firms. 

The leading ETF sponsors are dramatically changing the marketing mix, increasing pressure on margins and changing the industry in the process. The vast majority of asset managers will be forced to re-focus their efforts and adjust their business strategies to achieve the balance necessary to thrive in this new environment.

T Hayes Consulting can help clients understand these new dynamics and develop strategies to cope with and capitalize on the new realities.

The Edge Is Experience
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