​Advisor Wealth Management Strategies

Wealth management strategies take many shapes today. They are transactional, fee-based, discretionary/non-discretionary, fiduciary/non-fiduciary, extremely disciplined, ad hoc, cerebral, and esoteric. They are strategic and tactical, sophisticated and simple. They employ stocks, mutual funds, closed-end funds, separately managed accounts, exchange traded funds and any number of combinations of the aforementioned. 

Aligning product, sales and marketing with the appropriate user and application in this market can be challenging, but it is a critical component of success.

We have experience working with an extensive range of wealth management strategies, as well as, with firms that have done an outstanding job of aligning with advisors. Equally important are the lessons learned working with firms that failed to recognize and align with advisors’ strategies.

The unique versatility of exchange traded funds means they can be integrated into and add value to almost any wealth management strategy ranging from equity trading to a strategic allocation with a tactical overlay. Users range from basic retail clients to the most sophisticated hedge fund managers in the world. This enormous client base gives major ETF sponsors a significant competitive advantage.

T Hayes Consulting can help clients understand the ETF advantages, identify application alignment issues and develop, refine and implement effective strategies to address them.

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The Edge Is Experience
Many asset managers fail to properly align their resources with the advisors' business practices.